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Our products are interactive test engine that can be downloaded online and installed on your local PC. There are two different exams in the test engine: 'practice exam', you can practice before the real exam with this part; 'virtual exam', this part could make you familiar with the testing environment just like you are taking exams in the Prometric or VUE testing center.

At the moment three different TecheXams products are available:
Questions and Answers: This product should be used as preparation before the exam. Q&As are all in ZIP format. You can download and run it on your local PC. Realistic Labs: Realistic Labs are available for some of our Cisco exams. These are lab scenarios on how to solve the problems as well as detailed tutorial and lab solutions so that people can practice with their own equipments. They give overview of real router configurations so that you become familiar with the testing environment.
Free samples: TecheXams provides samples for almost all of the products. Questions in the samples come from the full version of the exams and the samples quality is all the same with the full versions. So you can try the samples before you buy to test the quality of TecheXams exams.

We provide explanations for few of our exams. For most of our materials we do not offer explanations, but we provide the best quality of the Q&As. You can get all of the knowledge points from our exam pool. So just follow and master all the Q&As in our exams, then it's enough for you to pass the exam. In this way you can save a lot time and energy for yourself which is more valuable than money.

In fact TecheXams does not provide simulations/labs for all products, for the simulations/labs take very low value in most exams. Though skip them you can pass the exam easily with our Q&As. They would not affect your final scores! Just follow and master all the Q&As, then it's enough and sure to pass any exams!

All our exams could not be printed and we won't allow anyone to print our products. We reserve all the rights of TecheXams products! All our products only can be downloaded online and install on your local PC. The reason is we have to prevent the pirate files to spread, and we cannot guarantee the quality of those pirate files, they will deduce our company's fame and do harm to the candidates who are working hard to prepare the exams. We have met too many users who failed the exams with the pirate study materials and then have to buy our authorized products again. By the way, from our experience and customers' feedbacks, interactive testing engine is the best way for study because it has similar testing environment as the Prometric and VUE testing center.

Sure! It is certain! Since all of our products are the latest version which match the current exams very well, and all of the Q&As in the test engine are built by our IT experts which cover all of the knowledge points of the examinations. so what you need to do is just follow and master all the Q&As we provide, then you can pass all the exams. We provide guarantee, we promise you with our product, you are able to pass any of the IT certification exams. For more information please refer to the guarantee policy from our website.

Your product has been "zipped" or compressed to save space and for efficient transmission from our server to your PC. You can "unzip" or decompress your files by using widely used utilities such as WinZip ( or winRAR. Once you have unzipped your application you will be able to launch or install it on your PC, simply double click on the file you have decompressed.

TecheXams recommends the WinZip compression/decompression utility located at What are the requirements for the interactive testing engine?

We are not responsible for the customer who bought a wrong product. So we cannot change the product for customer or provide refund. Please make sure which product you want, and choose carefully when you intend to purchase.

In that case, please first make sure that the exam code you got is a correct one. And then, if you still cannot find the product, you can send email to We will note down your request, and when we have the product, we will email you at the first time.

In this part, TecheXams will announce the new products which are expected to be released in the near future.
All products which are listed on section of "New Releases" are being built by TecheXams technical team and will be released on the website on the scheduled date.

  • Users can learn the latest news about TecheXams new products here.
  • Users can arrange the review schedule systematically in advance of receiving the products. All TecheXams materials are written in highest quality, they will be the most important resource to ensure your success.
  • The Users who reserve these products during this period will enjoy up to 30% discount. If TecheXams failed to deliver the reserved products to the buyers at the deadline, techeXams will provide a full refund and additional 20% discount for users to purchase TecheXams existing products.

Our Q&As contain the simulated exam questions with the most accurate answers. With our Q&As you are able to pass any certification exam you want. You can find more information on our products page.

Yes, we provide 90-days' using time limit on our products. After 90 days, you test engine will expire and you cannot activate it any more. If you still want to use it, you can pay for the extend. Then you will have a new 90 days time limit.

We provide 90 days free update after the purchase. After 90 days the product is considered as expired and cannot be activated any longer. In such case, you must login the user center to extend the product. Click the “extend” button in your user center, you can have 40% discount automatically.

You only need to pay 60% of the original price. The authorization will be reset again so that you can activate the exam and run it. Also we provide some of our customers special update period longer than 3 months. For example, the customers who buy more than 5 exams together for the first time, we will prolong the update period for them.

In fact there is no fixed date for the update of all exams, so there is no normal date for change! All TecheXams products on the website are the latest versions and they will be reviewed and updated on a continuous basis. The certification vendors often change the skills which being tested in the exams. So if there is any change for any exams, we will update our products within the following 24 hours, and send email to our corresponding customers! In this case, everyone who bought our products will always have the newest questions in the 90 days after their purchase!

There are several ways

The Update section on You will notice the rapid updates there. TecheXams makes several updates every day.

Status of a purchased product can be found on the download page in the member center. You can login the user center to check the status of your products.

TecheXams will also send email to our corresponding customers to notice them that there is change to certain exams, and customers who bought this exam could download the new version exam for free from the user center. If you never receive the email from us to notice the update, then you still keep the latest version of the exam, just memorize all of the questions and answers in the exams, then you will pass the exam and get high scores!

Go to, find if there are some update news. Check your mailbox, we will send the updated notice to you If there is any change to the exam you have bought then please firstly delete the exam you have downloaded and go to the user center on our website to download the new version exam after you enter your user name and password. For our customers whose exams have been expired, please login the user center to extend the exam, then you will get the latest version.

We do not provide fix bundles, but we provide special price for those who buy more than 5 exams at one time!, Ordinary bundles containing around 5 to 12 products. Customers who buy a bundle of exams for the same series once could get premium for bundle price. For example, CompTIA A+,CCNP Core.

Unlimited bundle Customers who buy more than 3 exams once could also get bundle price. Customers who want to buy products in bundles please come to the livesupport to ask for a bundle discount . If you intend to make a larger purchase and it does not fit the bundles mentioned above, please contact or come to the livesupport. They will give you explanation in detail for our bundle policy and offer you a special price for the purchase.

Yes, we do! TecheXams offers free sample for each product. You can check the interface, question quality and usability of our practice and virtual exams before you decide to buy. Just click the button 'Try Demo' on our website, you can download the free demo. If you have any trouble in downloading the demo please contact us by

Yes, we can provide samples of all our products. Just mail your sample request to and you will receive any sample you want promptly.

TecheXams provides high quality IT exam practice questions and answers. Especially, Cisco CCNA CCDA CCNP CCIE, Checkpoint CCSE, CompTIA A+ Network+ certification practice exams and so on.
TecheXams Practice Exams are written to the highest standards of technical accuracy, using only certified subject matter experts and published authors for development. Our goal is that our questions cover all the knowledge points of the exam and help our customer pass all the IT certifications successfully at the first attempt.

Our experts including all of the certifications such as CCNA,CCIE etc, develop the questions and verify the answers. Through analyzing the certification exams from different vendors increases the accuracy of the answers. We also receive customer feedback on our products. So, we constantly have to review our products that could guarantees a high quality of our products.

In such cases, please feedback to us by You should send the contents including:

  • Your order number.
  • Exam code.
  • Question number.

We will check with our tech team and reply you promptly.